About me

Professor for Interactive Robotics in Medicine and Care at the Medical School OWL and the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology at Bielefeld University, Germany.

Contact: ahiann@y1a-l0-hisahak.voba9llm@afer@.-runij@j-bi.coele1.dfelhy@d.dhe


My interdisciplinary research focuses on


Highlights of my scientific publications include:

A.-L. Vollmer R. Read D. Trippas T. Belpaeme Children conform, adults resist: A robot group induced peer pressure on normative social conformity. Science Robotics 2018

A.-L.Vollmer N. Hemion A User Study on Robot Skill Learning Without a Cost Function: Optimization of Dynamic Movement Primitives via Naive User Feedback. Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2018

A.-L.Vollmer L. Schillingmann On Studying Human Teaching Behavior with Robots: a Review. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2017

A.-L.Vollmer B. Wrede K. Rohlfing P.-Y. Oudeyer Pragmatic frames for teaching and learning in human-robot interaction: Review and challenges. Frontiers in Neurorobotics 2016

A.-L. Vollmer M. Mühlig J. Steil K. Pitsch J. Fritsch K. Rohlfing B. Wrede Robots Show Us How to Teach Them: Feedback from Robots Shapes Tutoring Behavior during Action Learning. PloS ONE 2014